Holiday Shopping or Your Work Files: Which is More Organized?

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are feeling that familiar annual holiday shopping list anxiety. But if you’re stressing about how disorganized you are, fear not!

Here are some quick tips to get you through the end of the year (with absolute minimal effort).

Procrastinate much? It’s okay, you’re not alone:

  • One survey revealed that 25% of consumers still hadn’t bought a single present by the time the weekend before Christmas rolled around.
  • It might also surprise you to learn that, despite all the hype surrounding Black Friday, only 11% of holiday shopping actually happens that day.

How do people get organized amidst the holiday chaos?

One option is to create a “holiday command center,” complete with tablet/phone and your favorite list-making app. We recommend Evernote for keeping track of holiday gift ideas throughout the year, and is an excellent option for managing those holiday shopping lists.

For those of us who wait until the very last minute, same-day delivery services like Google Shopping Express and Postmates do the work for you. eBay Now, which serves San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and San Jose, is even waving its $5 same-day delivery through Christmas Eve.

Next year, drones may literally drop presents from the sky, so we’ll be able to wait even longer.

With all the holiday ruckus going on, it’s easy to lose focus at work. And let’s not kid ourselves, Pandora’s Jingle Bell Rock playlist certainly doesn’t help.

As we half-heartedly cram to try and meet those end-of-year goals, email inboxes overflow with clutter, file naming rules fly out the window, and no one can seem to remember where they saved stuff.

To make matters worse, coworkers and bosses take off on vacation to leave the rest of us wondering where anything is, so people start asking you where they can find stuff.

Or perhaps you’re the culprit interrupting colleagues when you can’t find anything! Not to make you feel guilty or anything, but did you know that it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption?

Careful, that kind of behavior will get you on Santa’s “naughty list!” And coal is not the rock any of us want for Christmas.

So check this - people are finding their stuff a lot faster today with Synata. You can search for your email, files, contacts, calendar appointments, and more across Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox all from one search bar.

When you can quickly find what you need, your organization skills can take a breather. Stop banging your head on the desk every time you go looking for a file or email and try Synata - it’s free.

Better hurry up - that peppermint mocha is getting cold!

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Posted on December 17, 2013 and filed under How To.